Meta Kongz

Meta Kongz is moving forward as the best NFT in the world.


the kongz : beginz

The Kongz are unique and randomly generated 3D NFT PFP.

Not only that, Kongz can make coins and can breed baby Kongz.

What an aweeeeeesome creature it is!

  • #1. Every holiday, people gather at the circus.

    In a glass cage, they groom each other, but even that is starting to get frustrating.
    They look outside and see people giggling and having fun, but what’s so fun?
    Then one day, a poster flew in front of a yawning gorilla. A paradise of gorillas was depicted in the poster.
    (The Most Complete Ecosystem: The newly built Half Moon National Park)
  • #2. Is there really such a place?

    Now gorillas don’t even care about their trainers’ passionate training anymore.
    The image from the poster floats in their minds while they jump over burning rings and play instruments.
    Speaking of which, who has this poster now?
    The gorillas look at each other and notice that they are all empty-handed.
    The trainer gives up and exits the room. As soon as he turns off the lights, the gorillas hear a ZAP!!
    In the circus, a light begins to emit from the manhole below them.
  • #3. Have you ever seen a gorilla in a robe with goggles?

    In a white lab below the circus, a gorilla wearing goggles is assembling a large engine.
    Paused, the gorilla asks the visitors to sit down. He then walks towards a wall and opens the curtains.
    Two shoddy drawings and a poster
    The gorilla points to the text and tilts his head and says.
    "Still don’t understand?"
    The text reads: (To the Paradise/Craft and Fly)
  • #4. Do we need sausages to elevate the circus? how about bananas?

    In the spiderweb-like sewers beneath the city, the gorillas go looking for parts instead of going home.
    Gorillas roam the city at night and fill empty envelopes with jewels. Wait, did you pay this?
    At the last jewelry store, they entered a room filled with expensive watches. Now the gorillas understand the concept of time.
    Sooner or later, rumors will start to circulate among people. People will begin to say, "Watch out for the gorilla’s hands in the sewer".